Best Tracking Websites of COVID-19 in Italy

The whole world is affected by this infectious disease known as Coronavirus. According to the scientist, there is no medicine available for this virus. And it even may take a whole year till any medicine is developed. The most common symptoms of this virus are fever, illness, cough, etc. This virus has reached every corner by traveling from one person to another.

Italy is a well-developed country with a very strong health system. But this virus has completely taken down the economy of Italy. In Italy, there are more than 147,577 total cases and over 18,849 confirmed deaths. According to the Italian president, they have tried everything but nothing happened.


In this article, we will make a list of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Italy.

  2. Coronavirus Dashboard
  3. OECD
  4. Track Corona
  5. Worldometers
  6. John Hopkins University Dashboard

This ( site is one of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Italy. Italy has reached the highest number of coronavirus cases and their health system has failed against coronavirus outbreak. Italy has the highest death rate due to coronavirus because it has the largest old population in the whole of Europe. More than 23% of Italy’s population consists of people aged more than 65. provides the live tracking of coronavirus cases in Italy. This site has an amazing interface where you can easily explore the site. You can easily find the coronavirus live update section on this site. You can get much other important information other than just numbers of coronavirus infections. 


OECD ( is the tracking website of Italy. The Government of Italy controls this website and provides all the latest news regarding the outbreak of COVID-19. The main objective of this site is public awareness regarding coronavirus. This site has a very simple interface as shown below, where different sections are available. You can find all the necessary data regarding this outbreak in Italy. This site also provides a comparison chart of Coronavirus cases in Italy and the cases in the other country of the world.

If you are interested in the information about the problems created by this virus and how the Government of Italy is reacting against them, then you can visit this site and register yourself.


Worldometers is one of the best tracking websites of COVID-19 in Italy. This is the site where you can get all the important information regarding coronavirus and its infections. Here we have a table by world meter which shows the current situation of Italy.

The Worldometers website shows that there are more than 147,577 cases of Coronavirus in Italy and this figure is increasing day by day. The current statistics are: 147,577 total cases, +3,951 new cases, 18,849 total deaths, 570 new deaths and 30,455 total recoveries.

Worldometers also gives relevant graphs and information like total active cases and much more. Johns Hopkins University

This website is developed by Johns Hopkins University. This site gets data from 17 different sources and then makes it easy to be accessed by the other. Most of the websites use Johns Hopkins University maps to acquire the data regarding coronavirus.

This site provides worldwide coronavirus data and you can easily get coronavirus data of any country from this site i.e of Italy. Other than just numbers, this site provides graphs like the growth rate of coronavirus, etc. This valuable information are available free and you don’t have to do any type of registration on this site.

There are many other sites available online that provide coronavirus status of Italy but they all get the relevant data from the above-mentioned websites. The official website of Government Italy is the best tracking website of COVID-19 in Italy.

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