Jordan XX5 Shoes

Back in 2009 and 2010 we were all captivated by the numerous images of the Air Jordan 25th ‘Anniversary Silver collection, which again, payed tribute to Jordan Brand’s 25 years of existence and continued excellence. At the time many sneaker enthusiasts were left to settle for a sub-par release of the Jordan XI ‘Silver’ and Jordan ‘Silver’ III, IV, & IX. we bring to you a full detailed image of the entire ‘Silver Anniversary’ collection. Though its probably in every collector’s dream to grab every single pair, we unfortunately do not have any release date information at this present time. Sorry folks, but do let us know what pairs you must have! It’s been nearly a year since the 25th Anniversary milestone of the Air Jordan came to close, but that doesn’t mean we’ve moved beyond it. The Air Jordan Legacy that has lasted twenty-six years will continue to anchor the brand that is now represented by contemporary stars like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul – all hand-selected by Michael Jordan himself. The Air Jordan 25th Anniversary Collection surfaced last year as part of a traveling showcase that was featured at Nike locations world-wide; here we have another look at the entire collection from Air Jordan 1 to Air Jordan XXV (2010) laid out in an impressive spread of sneakers. Just five of the Air Jordans pictured above actually released (the II, III, IV, IX, XI).
We’ve heard rumors about a possible Air Jordan 25th Anniversary Collection. Well this image proves it: an all white Air Jordan collection, releasing each Jordan numbered model from 1-23 in all-white. Each shoe will use different materials, but will have the same theme. But again, anything can happen, as things usually do with samples. Big ups to the one and only Chris Paul for “tweeting” this picture online.